Animation promotion video clip “THE SMALL WALL PORTRAITS” (selected)

Animation music video “DIRAC SEA”


Animation music video “THE AVATAR STAGE GIG”

Animation music video “VIVA LA VIDA” (Día de Muertos)

Animation music video “Gimme back the stolen summer”

Animation music video “2020 VIRUS – a trippy trip”

Promotion video „2020 Virus“

WUNDERWELT- Bella Ella (mASTa hUDa Remix)

Goldfish Records

The Music Video is an artistic collaboration with the artworks from Regine Kafeder

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Temporarily interacitve art and light installation in public space | Knittelfeld Hauptplatz
Light and art concept by Regine Kafeder in collaboration with Büro Kinder, Jugend und Familie | Stadtgemeinde Knittelfeld | Austria


Participation at the Art Event
„THINGS THAT DANCE“ | art gallery WINDOW OF FAME | Zurich